Bitcoin as your

Pay with Bitcoin world-wide at any credit card accepting merchant

Finally Bitcoin is a truly global currency

You can’t really find places to spend Bitcoin in day-to-day life. We’ve changed that.

ONEBIT is a bitcoin wallet that lets you instantaneously & automatically convert your Bitcoin to any fiat currency (at the best rate we can find) and so use it to buy anything from anyone who accepts contactless credit card. 

This changes Bitcoin from a niche currency you can use at the occasional nerdy shop to a truly international currency you can use just about anywhere. 

Yeah. We’re excited about it too.

Tap & Pay Bitcoin

Tab your phone at any MasterCard Paypass accepting merchant via NFC. Currently over a million in the world.

Bitcoin Wallet

Full-featured & fully secure Bitcoin wallet app, with ability to send & receive Bitcoin. Soon… buy Bitcoin via debit card & bank transfer, and have a physical Bitcoin-backed debit card.

Real-time conversion

When you tab your OneBit app at an NFC terminal, we convert your Bitcoin to local fiat in real time at the best market rate. No mass-converting to have a balance, no exchanges or wire transfers involved.

Currency Wallet

Soon… You’ll have the power to buy/sell any local currency & hold it as a balance in your OneBit wallet, at any time, with 0 fees. No more worries about losing your currency’s worth to volatility.
  • A radically new paradigm for Bitcoin

    Cryptocoins News
    Cryptocoins NewsApril, 2015
  • “OneBit promises to be nothing short of revolutionary

    Bitcoin Magazine
    Bitcoin MagazineJuly, 2015

Connecting Bitcoin to the real world

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